March 2


Sack your clients & make more money!

By nruddle

March 2, 2021

I know what you’re thinking, how could I sack my clients and make more money? Well hopefully when you’ve finished reading this article it will make much more sense and get you thinking differently.

I’m sure you’ve had some clients in the past that, with the benefit of hindsight, you would’ve  rather not had. You know the ones! They beat you down on price, take up all of your time,  sometimes they’re rude, they don’t value your knowledge and getting paid can seem like a long  drawn out battle. 

Sound familiar? 

The solution is simple. 5 simple little questions will help you to minimise this in the future.

Who is your client?

1. Who?

WHO is your ideal client? Get crystal clear on the profile of your perfect client. Demographic, attitude, net-worth, personality, values, character traits, interests, etc.

Where to find your clients

2. Where?

WHERE can you find them in the highest concentration? Geographically, where do they hang out, what social circles do they mix in, what clubs might they be members of, do they belong to a business group, etc.

Why choose your company

3. Why?

WHY should they choose your company? What makes you unique, what are your USPs, are you multi-award winning, do you have recognised qualifications, do you belong to a respected governing body, do you have bundles of 5 star Google reviews, etc.

4. What?

WHAT is the product or service that is relevant and most desirable to your perfect client? Do they want Technical expertise, outdoor kitchens, garden rooms, swimming pools, water features, etc.

5. HOW?

HOW are you going to communicate your message to them? Establish which marketing strategy is appropriate to generate the most leads? Do you have a referral system, do you collaborate with strategic alliances to give you consistent high quality leads, does your website reflect your work with strong case studies, etc.

These 5 questions should help you to experience less frustration of dealing with C or D grade clients and more enjoyment of working with more A & B grade clients who value your work. 

You need to set the criteria of what YOU describe as an A & B grade client and what traits a C or D grade client has. Once you have defined your criteria you might want to go through all of your past clients and grade them A, B, C or D.

This should help you decide to “Sack” the Cs & Ds in the future and put all of your efforts into gaining a great bunch of A & B grade customers! 

How much more profitable will your business be and what effect will it have on your stress levels?

Please set some time aside to do this exercise for your business. 

The rewards will be incredible! … Increased profits, less stress and more time to yourself.