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If you started your business from scratch and you don't know how to take it to the next level, then you are at the perfect stage in your business journey to get some help. There are some very important skills you'll need to learn to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. One thing's for sure, if you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting the results you've always got.

You’ve got great operational skills, now develop your business skills to match ...

If you're like many people who have started a landscape business, you're probably very good at the operational aspects but maybe need to improve your knowledge of running a successful and profitable business. Just because you own a business it doesn't necessarily mean you possess all the relevant skills and knowledge. Leadership, recruitment, finance, sales, marketing and systemisation are just a handful of areas that you may need to improve.

Stop working a job "IN" your business & invest more time working "ON" your business ...

Do you find yourself working too many hours doing the "hands on" work? If so, you own a "job" rather than owning a "business". The sooner you get off the tools or running projects and start investing more of your time on the strategic aspects of your business, the sooner your business will grow! What percentage of your time is split between working "IN" an "ON" your business?

Here's what our clients say ...

Paul Downer Managing Director

Oak View Landscapes

An experienced and talented business Action Coach who, since 2013 has helped us significantly to grow our business rapidly whilst increasing profitability. Nick has helped develop our system and nurture and train our award winning team.

Tessa Johnstone Director

Johnstone Landscapes

We have seen the positives of this engagement already, conversion rate of sales, stronger team, greater knowledge of business and increased revenue as well as just enjoying it all far more. I cannot recommend his contribution to a business more highly - and specifically any landscaping or horticultural business that is thinking of having some business coaching.

Dan Newby Managing Director

Dreamscape Gardens

Happy to post a 5 star review and recommend Nick to anybody. His professional guidance has helped us to transform our business within 6 months. He is truly brilliant at coaching and he makes it fun too!

John Ward Managing Director

Aoba Landscapes

I have been with Nick at Action Coach for just over a year now and I only have good things to say. Nick really cares about his clients and seeing them succeed. He has helped me become a better business owner with a greater focus on working on the business rather than drowning in the day to day activities. We have seen the results come quickly with a better structure allowing faster growth and better profitability than I could have achieved on my own. We also now have a clear plan of how we will continue to grow into the future coupled with a much better work life balance.

Karen McClure Managing Director

Karen McClure Garden Design

It’s one thing to have a business coach, but it’s another level to have one that genuinely cares. Nick really does!
Well done Nick on creating on creating such a great community of like minded entrepreneurs.
Nick helped me focus on the business, not just the creative aspect - thank you.

Herman Pobrati Managing Director

Acacia Gardens

We have improved turnover by 20% year on year and profit has increased massively, we have a clear vision, company culture and thanks to Nick and methods used I have learned best methods on how to test and measure everything I do.

Who is Nick Ruddle? ...

Since 2007, Nick Ruddle has coached a huge number of landscape contractors, horticulturists, nurseries, garden centres & garden designers and has worked closely with industry associations, suppliers & leaders.

With over 5,000 hours of 1-2-1 coaching and delivering 100s of workshops and seminars over the years, it has allowed Nick to create specific strategies, methods, processes and systems that produce exceptional results for all of his clients.

Nick is certified Business Coach with Action Coach, who are the world’s largest and most successful business coaching company in the SME marketplace. Since 1993, Action Coach have developed proven systems and strategies that Nick has taken and tailored them specifically for the Landscape Industry.

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