April 24


6 Steps To Recruiting A Dream Team

By nruddle

April 24, 2021

There are 4 key principles to remember when recruiting:

  • Attract a large pool of applicants and you’re more likely to get the right person
  • Implement multiple levels of screening and you’ll waste less time in lengthy interviews with under-qualified candidates.
  • Observe a short list of applicants performing the essentials of the position in real time and you’re less likely to be surprised on their first day.
  • Assess your short list of applicants to make sure that you’re making an appropriate match. e.g. DISC behavioural profiling.

Here’s a PROVEN 6 Step Recruitment Process:

Develop a Clear Job Description

1: Develop a Clear Job Description

  • Get total clarity on the values/character traits of your ideal candidate along with the key responsibilities, tasks & skills required
  • Hours required
  • Pay range
Write Advert For Position

2: Write Advert For Position

  • Follow the AIDA formula – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
  • Include a good headline that’s easy to understand – (longer ones work better than short ones)
  • The headline should be a question
  • Focus on the benefits of the job
  • Be specific and exciting
  • Qualify the reader
  • Get to the point as soon as possible
  • Include a call to action
    NB Watch out for government regulations on discriminatory language

3: Generate Leads For Position

  • Look within your organisation first
  • Place advert online, Indeed.com works very well these days
  • You could contact landscape related colleges and send them your advert
  • Create a financial reward for existing team members for successful introductions of a new team member
  • If absolutely necessary, you could use a specialist recruitment agency
  • Rate candidates A-D by comparing CVs to job description

A - has necessary qualifications plus other qualities
B - has the necessary qualifications

C - missing some elements but interesting candidate (maybe of interest for a different job or another time)
D - not even close

Phone screening

4: Phone Screening of Leads

  • Set up a dedicated voicemail for phone screening
  • Write a script & record a voicemail greeting, including 3 qualifying questions
  • Instruct qualifying candidates to phone the number
  • Listen to responses & de-select unsuitable candidates
  • Phone interesting candidates for a 10-minute screening call
  • Develop a short list of candidates, A ratings or A and B ratings
Arrange individual interviews from short list

5: Arrange individual interviews from short list

  • Prepare your company history/story and its Vision / Values / Purpose
  • Develop questions to uncover actual past experience pertaining to skill set and tasks required for position
  • Use same set of questions for all interviewees
  • Open-ended vs. closed: “what have you... how have you...”
  • DISC profile preferred candidates
  • Negotiate salary and make offer, subject to references!
Making the job offer

6: Making the job offer

  • Initially by phone or face to face
  • Do this QUICKLY and tell them why you think they would fit in. You are selling to them. Do it warmly, sincerely and as fast as possible!
  • General principle is to recruit slowly but hire fast when great candidates show up!